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Letter: Written By Minot Phillips, 1862

The following Civil War era letter was written by Minot Reuben Phillips (1831-1863), son of Reuben Phillips (1788-1861) who is a direct ancestor of Robert Ellsworth Phillips (that would be me, author of the webpage). Here are photos of Reuben, his wife Rebecca Foster, and their son Minot.

The letter was transcribed by my father from a transcription by my mother, who had access to the original source material. Minot was one of several of Reuben's sons who fought in the Civil War.

For those doing Civil War research on the Phillips', here are some other items on Reuben's sons:

  • Joseph S. Phillips. Union. Company E, 33d Missouri Volunteer Infantry at Tuscombia. Wounded at Helena, Arkansas, 4 July 1863. Died l7 September 1863.
  • Simeon Phillips. CSA. Enlisted in a rebel regiment and was captured and imprisoned at Fortress Monroe, Va.
  • Rufus. CSA. Organized and became captain of a company of guerrillas. Cut on the head at Springfield, Mo, by Fremont's forces. Taken prisoner and confined in Federal prison at Alton
  • Judson. CSA. First Sergeant to Rufus above. Shot through the head by the U.S. Cavalry.

Minot Phillips' Letter Home

Pleasant Valley Maraland Oct 19th 1862

Dear Brother and Sister

It is Sunday today & I thought I would write a few lines to you thinking that perhaps I might here from home by so doing. It is now almost a month since I have herd from home & I begin to think that my folks are all ded or else they have forgotten where I am one of six. If ever a man was in a place where he would like to here from his friends it is in an army, for it is very seldom that dwe see any one when we are in Camp but soldiers. I can stand up by our tent & look on their army of seventy five thousand . It ooks in the nite when the Camp is all lited up like a citty. We are having an eas y time now to what we have had. All we have had to do is to drill from one to three hours a day, but yodu had better believe that we have had something to do.

Since we came out here we have had some hard marching & hard fitting to do & I can tell you for one that I am not very anxious for another fite but if we are ordered, which I think we shall be & that before long, to I shall not flinch from the ranks in which I belong for I had rather be shot than to be called a cowerd in battle. I some soldiers fell out when we went into the first battle that did not go a great ways from Nelson. Frank & Albert are brave enough I think & and as for me I will leave it to others say. General Burnside was looking on when we made the charge on the rebbels & he said that we did it ingood shape. My, how they took to ther heals & fled & I don't wonder they ran for we made noise enough to scare old harry if he had been there & I think he was or some of his imps.

How is it I here that the brave soldiers of Roxbury & Nelson are all getting Certificates to save them from being drafted? Now I would never do that not if I was in favor of putting down rebellion. When I now of young able bodied men that have said a great deal in favor of the war & when they are wanted they do shirk out their necks from their duty, they are a disgrace to the Country they live in & themselves too. Its no trifling thing for a man to set himself up to be shot at & dit is no worse for one than another.

I want you should write to me. Write now my affaires are and how you are getting along. Wheather you are agreeing to sell the farm or not. Do what is rite & that is all I will ask and that is all you can do. My health is better than it has been for some time. I am feeling pretty well now. So is Albert & Frank but there is a great many sick in our Big. Give my respects to Minots folks & tell them I should like to hear from them. Pleas accept this scrablin from your Brother

M.R. Phillips

Write as soon as you get this for I mean to here from home before I go into another battle for there is danger dof it being the last time. There is but One that can tell when our time will come & in Him I hope to put my trust for if we put our trust in Him it will be well with us even if we fall in battle. I expect before you get this letterwe shall have the tast of another battle. I can here the Cannon rore today & there is something up for they dont fire them for nothing.

Good by, but I hope not for the last time.

M.R. PhillIps

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