Yosemite Backpacking Trip
July 22 - July 30, 2003
Favorite Photos By Day

Bob, Shirley, David, and Brad
6 Nights, 7 Days, 60 miles
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Day 1: Hiking From Glacier Point to Mono Meadow/Illilouette Creek Trail Junction via Panorama Trail: 9 miles

David and Brad At Glacier Point

Lunch Spot Near Illilouette Falls

Deer Have Right Of Way

First Camp Site - Bob & Shirley's Tent
Mosquitos Were Bad!

Day 2: Hiking From Mono Meadow/Illilouette Creek Trail Junction to Ottoway/Illilouette Creek Junction: 9 miles

Resting Rock Beside Illilouette Creek

Shirley Hiking Beside Illilouette Creek
Rows of Rocks Mark Trail

Cooking Dinner With Mosquitos
(Cathy was right!)

Day 3: Hiking From Ottoway/Illilouette Creek Junction to Lower Ottoway Lake: 5 miles
Day Hike To Upper Ottoway

David and Brad (red hat) at Upper Ottaway Lake
Thunderstorm looms along ridge line

Day 4: Hiking From Lower Ottoway Lake Over Red Peak Pass To Red Devil Lake: 7 miles
Most Spectacular Day Of The Trip

Upper Ottoway Stream
Flowing To Lower Ottoway Lake

Breakfast At Upper Ottoway Lake

Shirley Follows Trail Across Snow Pack
Going Up To Red Peak Pass

David & Mom Climbing Switchbacks Up To Red Peak Pass

At Red Peak Pass, Upper Ottoway In Background
Note Snow Fields

Climbing Down Red Peak Pass
Red Devil Lake A Couple Of Trail Miles Away

Campsite At Red Devil Lake
Bob & Shirley Have Blue/Gold Tent

Day 5: Hike From Red Devil Lake to Washburn Lake: 10 mile hike

Day 6: Hike From Washburn Lake to Little Yosemite Valley: 16 mile hike

Day 7: Hike Down To Yosemite Valley
Shuttle Bus Up To Glacier Point: 4 mile hike

A Final Panorama From Glacier Point
Famous Half Dome Is At Center Left; Nevada Falls and Vernal Falls In Center (which we hiked down this day)

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