Tanzania Diary 2: Arusha
Mar 4, 2013

Bob, Alan, Mike, with much assistance from Andrew, Loshie, Anthon, Harrison, John, Kreti, Frank, Isaya, Nasib, and many more

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Day 12 [Sun]: 3/4/2013, Arusha
We moved from the Outpost Lodge to the Mount Meru Hotel. Bob and Alan discuss the pros and cons of each, with somewhat different views, but both agree each is an acceptable place to stay

Mike rejoins our party for the safari next day, after having spent several days scuba diving in Zanzibar.

Bob and Alan hire our porter John from the Kilimanjaro Trek to guide us around Arusha.

Lane to Outpost Lodge, which I found comfortable, with free internet and wifi, and relatively inexpensive

Bob, John, and Alan at entrance to Mount Meru Hotel

John convinces Alan, then convinces Bob, to stand in middle of intersection for photo. Cars drive around us.

Alan is looking forward to shopping and negotiating. He successfully negotiates the purchase of several yards of fabric for wife Clar at the Makoi Family Shop on Majengo Street, email erick.kisivan@yahoo.com. See negotiations here

John and Alan

John and Bob

Alan in Makoi Family Shop looking for fabric

We ate lunch at a local cafe recommended by John - had a couple of bowls of banana stew. Also sampled some of John's dried sardines.

Alan samples the banana stew

Bob and Alan at John's recommended cafe for lunch

Alan and John

We visit the Maasai Market, which is a large number of separate shops. Our most visited shop - we ended up shopping there 3 times - is the Mt. Meru Curio & Craft Market, Managing Director Vicent David.

It is located at:
CCM District Office,
Manyara Street shop No. 188.
Tel: 0784---534923
and 0767---534923
email: vicentdavid61@yahoo.com

We particularly like working with Linda, who sold us many souvenirs and appears in these photos with Alan and Vicent.

We also bought bracelets at Snow Crest Hotel
Dealers in: Traditional Jewelry, Batik, Clothes, Maasai Sandals, Vikoi, Bangols, etc.
Rose Happy. E. Mlinga, Director
P.O. Box 2155, Arusha (Tanzania)
Tel:+255 787 220 089
and +255 713 272 319
Email: sterling_iph@yahoo.com

Rose's friend Anna S. Kombe is Director of House Nice Company
Dealers in: Cook, ARTS, Book story, Batik, Maasai Nickles Mosquito Net, etc.
P.O. Box 646, Arusha Tanzania
Mob:+255 753 061 615
and +255 656 432 471
Email: analemoncake@yahoo.com

Here are some views of the Arusha streets as we drove along

And here we are in a bus/van John found for us to get us back to the hotel.

The following are views of Mt. Meru from my hotel bedroom window.

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