West Coast Vacation, June, 2011
Family and Friends
Witges, Dickinson, and Phillips

Shirley and our vacation house in the background

The view from our vacation house

Here's the whole crew enjoying a wonderful dinner at Anna's - by the sea, Gold Beach, Oregon : Shirley, Shanna, Becky, Alex, Josh, Martin, James, Rita and Bob

Video of beach and vacation house - and the wonderful sound of waves in the morning. At one point the image zooms to the rental house. The following video is from the afternoon, when the sun is out. A breeze is blowing and occasionally obscures the sound of the waves.

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Toasting the start of our stay: James, Rita, Josh, Becky, Shanna, Bob

Sunset at the beach

The Beach Construction Crew: Alex, Martin, Josh

I'm on the beach, but don't let my shoes get wet. Labors of Love. Becky and Alex, Shanna and James

Shirley at the Brookings Gardens.

Toasting the campfire, then toasting the marshmallows.

Rita and James

Pelican Patrol

Gull Patrol

Gumboot - the largest mollusc species in the world.

Love Birds

James, Rita, and Martin on a climb. With a close-up to help you find them.

Shirley and a calla lilly on way up from beach

Seals napping on the docks in Brookings, OR


The view from Glacier Point

Josh, Rita, Alex and Martin at top of Vernal Falls. Rita at Glacier Point with Half Dome in background.

Vacation house in Midpines (near Mariposa and entrance to Yosemite). Becky on porch and Alex in Yosemite.

Travels in California

Here's the whole crew at Ledson's Winery in Santa Rosa, CA: Becky, Shirley, Bob, James, Shanna, Alex, Josh, Rita and Martin

The Ledson Winery announcement and, later in the day, Alex at Bodega Bay.

Redwoods at Humboldt State Park, CA. Shirley and Rita next to one. Rita at the center of the roots of a fallen redwood.

Our Brookings, Oregon, Rental Home

When I walked into this rental home, I immediately found myself grinning with happiness. When you open the front door, you look across the house through the windows to the deck, with a glorious view of ocean and beach. The setting seems more like a beautiful painting than actual scenery.

The interior of the house is well furnished in a tasteful manner. We had 9 people and there was plenty of space with room for more. We recommend it highly if you want a spectacular vacation home. Here are the particulars: