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December 17, 2006

Folks interested in CR visit from cities around the globe. I thought it would be fun to see those on a map, which is what you see below. The website counter I am using from records unique website visits (other than mine). It also identifies the city of the server from which the visit came. As of December 17, 2006, there have been visits from over 230 cities in 35 countries and all continents except for Antarctica.

The city of the server may not be the city where the visitor actually is; sometimes only the country is provided; and people may be traveling when they visit the website.

Google Earth Map

If you already have GoogleEarth installed, then go to the CR Visitor Map to see the earth's globe with the cities. If you do not have GoogleEarth installed, you should get it. GoogleEarth is awesome. And free.

Static Map

Below, I have provided images of Google Earth with cities marked. On Google Earth itself you can zoom in and see city names.

By the way, I have been very pleased with It is free and provides statistics on pages visited most often, etc. Detailed analysis is only provided for the last 100 visits, unless you pay a monthly fee. The totals however are not lost no matter how many hits.

Atlantic Hemisphere Map: Cities From Which Visits To This Website Have Been Made As of 12/17/2006

Pacific Hemisphere Map

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