Calorie Restriction (CR) Diet

CR & Disease: Skin Cancer Research

April 20, 2008

CR May Provide Some Protection Against Skin Cancer, Based On Animal Studies

Following are excerpts and references from animal studies of the effects of CR on skin cancer. In all cases the original paper should be read for a full understanding of what was being studied and what could be concluded.

Human Studies (None Available)

Animal Studies

  1. Title: "Calorie Restriction Limits and Obesity Fuels Development of Epithelial Cancers"

    News Release, April 14, 2008, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center; Tricia Moore, John DiGiovanni, Steve Carbajal, Anna Jiang, Linda Beltran, and Steve Hursting

    News Release, April 14, 2008

    "A restricted-calorie diet inhibited the development of precancerous growths in a two-step model of skin cancer, reducing the activation of two signaling pathways known to contribute to cancer growth and development.."

    "These results, while tested in a mouse model of skin cancer, are broadly applicable to epithelial cancers in other tissues.."

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