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December 18, 2008

CR May Provide Some Protection Against Periodontal Disease, Based On Animal Studies

Following are excerpts and references from animal studies of the effects of CR on periodontal disease. In all cases the original paper should be read for a full understanding of what was being studied and what could be concluded.

Human Studies (None Available)

Animal Studies

  1. Title: "The Effects of a Calorie Reduced Diet on Periodontal Inflammation and Disease in a Non Human Primate Model"

    J Periodontol. 2008 July; 79(7): 11841191; Grishondra L. Branch-Mays, Dolphus R. Dawson, John C. Gunsolley, Mark A. Reynolds, Jeffrey L. Ebersole, Karen F. Novak, Julie A. Mattison,Donald K. Ingram, and M. John Novak

    PMCID: PMC2519872

    "The purpose of this study was to evaluate the clinical effects of a long term calorie restricted diet (CR) on periodontitis....Periodontitis was induced in 55 young, healthy, adult rhesus monkeys...Significant effects of CR were observed on the development of inflammation and the progression of periodontal destruction in this model...When viewed over time, periodontal destruction...progressed significantly more slowly in the CR animals than in the controls.

    Moreover, these experimental findings are the first observations that CR dampens the inflammatory response and reduces active periodontal breakdown associated with an acute microbial challenge."

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