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July 10, 2009

CR May Provide Some Protection Against Diabetes, Based On Animal Studies

Following are excerpts and references from animal studies of the effects of CR on diabetes. In all cases the original paper should be read for a full understanding of what was being studied and what could be concluded.

Human Studies (None Available)

Animal Studies - Primate

  1. Title: "Caloric Restriction Delays Disease Onset and Mortality in Rhesus Monkeys"

    Ricki J. Colman, Rozalyn M. Anderson, Sterling C. Johnson, Erik K. Kastman, Kristopher J. Kosmatka, T. Mark Beasley, David B. Allison, Christina Cruzen, Heather A. Simmons, Joseph W. Kemnitz, and Richard Weindruch
    Science 10 July 2009: 201-204


    "Improvements in metabolic function conferred by CR, specifically insulin sensitivity, have been consistent and striking (9, 13). We found that improved glucose homeostasis was maintained and that diabetes was prevented by CR. Of the initial 38 control animals, 5 progressed to diabetes and an additional 11 were classed as pre-diabetic. In contrast, all animals on CR (even those with compromised metabolic function at baseline) showed no impairment of glucose homeostasis (Fig. 3A). These data are consistent with CR providing long-term health benefits in protection against diabetes."

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