Calorie Restriction (CR) Diet

CR Personal Accounts: How do you start? What changes occur quickly? How do friends and family react?

December 9, 2006

What is it like to start following a calorie restriction (CR) diet? Why do it and how do friends and family react? Following are first hand, personal accounts of people who have started a CR diet [or, in one case, is the wife of someone on CR].

I am a member of the Calorie Restriction Society and subscribe to their email lists. A new member of the list asked people to describe what it was like for them to start out on CR.

I thought the answers were fun to read and interesting. If you have tried CR and would be willing to talk about what it was like, whether you continued it or stopped, please send me your experiences ( and I will publish them here.

The following people graciously agreed to let me publish their responses. Click on their names to see their accounts:

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